Techno-babble of a Techno-dabbler


I’m Toby McLaughlin (Jarpy).

My day job is something like “Cloud Infrastructure Engineer”.


My professional history looks like this:

This year: Nexus6 Software

  • Modernizing infrastructure management with ELK, Graphite, Statsd and Hubot.
  • Building collaborative culture with GitLab and Slack.
  • Creating a Behaviour Driven Infrastructure workflow with Puppet, Vagrant and Cucumber.
  • Running the whole mess on EC2, driven by Puppet with a dash of Salt.

2013-2014: Amazon EC2 Networking

  • Python, Ruby, PHP, Javascript
  • Test Driven Development (PyUnit, RSpec).
  • Large-scale, OS-level deployment automation systems (Ruby w/TDD).
  • Test automation for Linux SDN appliances (Behave, Puppet, Vagrant).
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Linux

2012-2013 University of Melbourne

  • Introduce Puppet configuration management
  • Monitoring automation (Nagios, Puppet)
  • Document and diagram legacy systems and service architecture
  • Manage an HPC cluster (SLURM, MPI)

2007-2012 Nexus 6 Software

  • Automate deployment in the AWS cloud with Python and Boto
  • Manage production web systems including load-balancers, app servers and clustered databases
  • Implement continuous integration and BDD with Jenkins, Selenium and Lettuce
  • Manage internal development systems running on KVM/libvirt
  • Develop a RESTful data service in Python
  • Build and run Linux server systems (Redhat, Debian) and embedded Linux systems (Routerboard)
  • Create an acceptance test system for a hybrid embedded LAMP/Arduino appliance – How do you stub out a battery?
  • Manage a broad suite of FLOSS services, including Apache, MySQL/Postgres, Exim, Bind etc.
  • Implement custom Linux-based router/firewall/VPN systems (OpenVPN, advanced iptables)
  • Service monitoring/metrics with Nagios, Zabbix
  • Sound design for iPhone apps

2006-2012 Fallshaw Wheels & Castors (consultant).

  • Build a multi-site WAN with OpenVPN on custom Linux routers (featuring link redundancy, differentiated services routing, QoS)
  • Develop a daemon in Ruby to manage WAN link fail-over
  • Manage physical server acquisition, migration and decommissioning
  • Administer an AIX ERP host
  • Maintain in-house scripts and web apps in Python, Ruby
  • Consolidate existing x86 server fleet to a virtualized architecture on KVM/libvirt
  • Service monitoring/metrics with Nagios, Zabbix

2006-2009 TrikeApps

  • Deploy Ruby on Rails applications to the AWS cloud and co-located KVM/libvirt systems
  • Specify, configure and deploy physical servers into co-location
  • Manage Ubuntu development VMs on KVM/libvirt
  • Develop scripts in Ruby to generate Nagios configuration

2005-2006 TATE Consultants

  • Administer RedHat development systems
  • Develop a data-driven web application with Java & Jakarta Struts
  • Support highly-available AIX production systems

2004 Charles Sturt University

  • Workstation support for academics and administrative staff

2003-2004 Enet21 / OzHosting

  • Manage a full web hosting stack including Apache, Bind etc.
  • Rack-and-stack servers in a datacenter environment
  • Provide 24/7 on-call support (monitoring with Nagios)

2002 Australian Television Research

  • Implement a DMZ firewall architecture with iptables
  • Manage RedHat, Mandrake and SCO Unix(!) systems
  • Deploy web applications on Apache Tomcat

2000-2001 Defence Imagery & Geospation Organization

  • Support high-performance Solaris and Linux systems
  • Develop system administration tools in Perl
  • Develop log analysis scripts to process syslog from 50+ Unix workstations
  • Provide hardware support for Intel and SPARC systems
  • Support SAN and ATM fibre networks

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